According to recent research the iGeneration (18-23 yrs) and Millennials are inclined to look for and shop for food products that fall under the following criteria:

  • Specialty Food
  • Authentic Food
  • High-Quality Food
  • Made by Smaller Companies & Family Owned
  • Artesanal

The experience for connecting and learning about food and its source plays a crucial role not only for health reasons but for ethical and moral ones. It is a trend of responsibility and better care for our soil, air and our body. It is an opportunity for better health, lifestyle and better food choices.

As part of the revolution, Salviana is committed to help provide a clean food choice to those who care about their health and the quality of their food. This amazing sweet sap is not only delicious but also nutritious. The source is Mother Earth.

Salviana has naturally occurring prebiotics, probiotics and traces of vitamins and minerals, all in one tasty ingredient: 100% organic raw maguey sap. We patiently wait 12 years for the maguey plant to reach maturity and release this almost magical potion with 4g of fiber that can be used as a healthier sweetener with the added nutrients to help improve your digestive system.

Salviana is a better food choice! Try it.