Pre-Hispanic Sweetener

Salviana is a natural synbiotic sweetener made from organic “aguamiel” (honey-water) extracted from the living maguey plant. This precious liquid contains short-chain FOS Prebiotics and is rich in Probiotics that help improve the intestinal health.

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The MAGUEY is an ancestral plant that lives in a semi-desert area, with little to no rain fall. It reaches maturity between 8-12 years old, and flourishes only once before ending its lifecycle.

In its wide and thorny leaves, called “pencas”, a nutritious substance is stored which allows the plant to survive in this hostile environment.

It was considered by the pre-Hispanic cultures as the “the tree of wonders,” since many different products could be obtained from it, such as: food, work tools and clothing.


How is the “Aguamiel” obtained?

The indigenous communities in the state of Hidalgo, Mexico obtain their livelihood through the organic cultivation of the maguey.

Once the maguey reaches maturity age, the artisans remove the central part of the plant before the stalk sprouts, and a hole in the form of a vessel is made and it is left to rest.

After a few days, the sap that would have nourished a flower, starts to accumulate and is then collected during the mornings and afternoons for approximately 4 months, and then it ends its lifecycle.

The collected aguamiel is taken to our factory, where it receives a careful evaporation treatment at a low temperature, utilizing European technology to extract the excess moisture in order to preserve its natural properties and characteristics.

The final product is a fresh and bioactive sweetener with vital nutrients.

By consuming it, you are improving your own health and the lives of the indigenous families.


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